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The Plans For Nepal drives change through dialogue, leadership, and action to help solve the greatest challenges of our time.

Who we are

We help the Nepalese populations by delegating the design and implementation of selected projects to local technicians.

We are authoritatively registered in Nepal as named; Plans For Nepal which is underneath the Association Mani Per il Nepal-TI, Switzerland, To promote mutual unity, harmony, and cooperation among Nepali citizens living in various professions, occupations, studies, and employment and for community development of the nation especially in undeveloped areas including education, health, environment, tourism, agriculture, drinking water, roads, construction, and maintenance. As it is desirable to move forward by cooperating with each other in the scheduled programs, according to the Organization Registration Act 2034 BS, the Legislation of this association has been formulated in 2077 BS.

Find Projects

We go through the needy and required person so that we can help others to make the changes in their livelihood.

Deploy Team

We make the team according to the necessity and required so that we can reach easily.

Empower Society

Unless the society gets the proper improvement nothing else will be developed.

Raise Supports

As in many case we need the support from other hands too, so that we make the required changes.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

We aim to conserve, promote and protect the natural environment for future generations. We promote the environmental conservation program by raising awareness of environmental issues in rural and underprivileged areas. Along with awareness, we promote sustainable agricultural, forestry, water, and waste management practices. 

As young children of today are the future of tomorrow. We aim to provide the best childcare and good education to the children in rural areas of Nepal. We help children to develop basic communicative and social skills.

We aim to promotes hygiene and sanitation in the rural areas of Nepal. We are motivated towards making clean drinking water available for all. We also promote the utilization and management of the country's water resources sustainably.

We create and promote the construction and development works for roads, school buildings, and other construction projects in Nepal. We strive to achieve long-term growth and sustainable development, mostly in rural areas of Nepal. 

We strive to promote and make proper health and sanitation facilities accessible in the rural part of Nepal. We also promote awareness of correct hygiene practices and ensuring access to health care and public health initiatives in rural areas.

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What we believe

Our Core Values


  • To be an inseparable successor, an organized, autonomous, non-profit, non-governmental social organization that will conduct programs mainly in the underdeveloped areas across Nepal as per the need.
  • To help in infrastructural development such as education, health, drinking water supply, road/walking trail construction, suspension bridge construction, etc. with the equipment, cash, and donations from domestic or foreigner.
  • To help in building, maintaining, and improving the school by providing all necessary materials required. And to assist in the construction and maintenance of various orphanages to provide proper education to the orphans and parents. 
  • To assist and work for the development of educational quality, expansion of information technology, women and children, youth and sports. And to assist in the maintenance or building of Buddhist Monastery, Chaitya, and Stupas.
  • To utilize local means and resources in collaboration with various donor agencies and assist in the management of community health, clinics, schools, public places, etc.
  • The organization shall implement its objectives only following the prevailing Nepali law with the permission or permission of the concerned body.

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